It is a violation of RNI policy to intimidate or impose any form of retaliation on an employee who, in good faith, lawfully or truthfully reports an actual or suspected legal, ethical or policy violation.

Click here to send us an e-mail. or call (925) 262-9912.

Once contact is made, prompt appropriate, confidential investigations will be undertaken and corrective and or disciplinary actions will be recommended. If you feel your concerns about patient care and safety can not be resolved through RNI or the facility of your assignment you are encouraged to contact the Joint Commission’s Office of Quality Management to report any concerns or register a complaint about a Joint Commission certified organization by calling (800) 994-9910 or emailing  No punitive action will be taken for reporting any events or concerns related to patient safety or patient care.

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Office hours and After hours emergency contact information

RNI office hours are from 4:00am to 11:30pm seven days a week.  After hours emergency situations can be called into Northern CA by calling 415 420-7777 and in Southern CA by calling 760 390-1467.

At all other times please use our local staffing office number 800-400-1145.