What Types of Programs are Used by Consumers Who Access Mobile Health-Related Applications?

Mobile Health Apps Usage Chard from Ruder FinnForty-nine percent of surveyed U.S. consumers who access mobile health-related applications say they use an app for healthy eating, according to a recent report by communications firm Ruder Finn.

Among surveyed U.S. consumers who say they access mobile health apps, the report found that 48% say they use an app for fitness and training, 41% say they use an app for general health information, 13% say they use an app to manage chronic conditions and 9% say they use an app for medication reminders.

For the report, Ruder Finn in October 2012 surveyed 1,000 consumers, 670 of whom had access to a smartphone, a tablet or both. About 16% of the smartphone and tablet users said they regularly access a health-related app.

Source: Ruder Finn, “mHealth Report”

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