Master Your Fridge

There’s no better place to start that spring cleaning than with your refrigerator. Here are some easy tips to plan healthy meals in a flash.

First, purge. You need to be able to see what’s actually in the fridge. The rule is that if you haven’t used an item this winter, it can go.

Next, put items you want to eat at eye level. You’re more likely to eat the first things you see. So place pre-cut veggies and fruit front and center.

Once you’re purged and organized, fill your fridge with these staples:

  1. Omega-3 Eggs: Calorie for calorie, no food provides more staying power than a couple of eggs. Hard-boil some in advance, or make an omelet with leftover vegetables.
  2. Organic vegetables like radishes, jicama, celery, carrots, and cucumber. Clean and cut them in advance so every family member can grab them with ease.
  3. Hummus. Hummus and veggies make a delicious protein-rich snack, and it also works well spread on chicken breasts, or on whole chicken to roast for an easy weeknight dinner.
  4. Two or three types of fresh fruit. Cut-up melon, pineapple or papaya so you have no excuse once the week begins.
  5. Low-fat (not nonfat) Greek-style yogurt. You need some fat in your diet to absorb vitamin D, which helps quell the appetite. Low-fat or 2% yogurt can be eaten at breakfast, used for dips or in tuna or chicken salads in place of mayo.
  6. Wild smoked salmon. A great protein to have on hand, it is rich in Omega-3 oils and works well with eggs, or on bread with cream cheese and tomato.

Remember, success starts on Sunday. This is your time to wash greens, hard-boil eggs, clean and prep your fruits and veggies.



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