Tips For Getting Active This Spring

Springtime is here, and with it come warm weather, sunshine and longer days. For many of us, it also brings increased energy and the opportunity to be more active. You don’t have to have a fancy bike or a gym membership. Here are five tools you can use to get active this spring!

A sense of adventure: Try stopping the car and exploring the area; you may discover some new favorite spaces. Do you reflexively get behind the wheel to do an errand? Try walking there; it may take longer but you will feel great when you return.

Comfortable shoes: Head to your local sports store to find the best style and fit of shoes for you. Keep in mind that not all shoes are created equal; the activities that you will be doing matter. Running shoes are not the same as trail hiking shoes, and you want to be sure you give your feet the best shot at supporting your body through your springtime activities.

Hydration: Water, water, water. Staying hydrated is key to feeling great, as your activity increases and the temperature rises.

Go-anywhere bag: I try to keep a bag packed and ready for action, sitting in a place where I simply can’t ignore it. Start with the basics: shoes, socks, shorts, shirts and sunglasses. Placing the bag in a grab-and-go spot will help inspire you to grab it and just go.

A tracker: Whether it’s a stopwatch or an app on your smartphone, a tool to track the time and activity can be a useful tool for inspiring you to reach a new level of fitness.

With a few basic tools, the long-awaited springtime will be full of fitness and fun. And there’s no better feeling than enjoying the sunshine while you do something good for your body, mind, and soul.

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