May is National Employee Health & Fitness Month

GEHFM LogoGlobal Employee Health & Fitness Month (GEHFM) is an international observance of health and fitness in the workplace, created by two non-profit organizations, the National Association for Health & Fitness and ACTIVE Life.

The goal of GEHFM is to help organizations promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle to their employees in the worplace. Formerly National Employee Health & Fitness Day, Global Employee Health & Fitness Month has been extended to a month-long initiative in order to initiate healthy activities on an ongoing basis.

Health Promotion Benefits Organizations
GEHFM can breathe new life into an existing wellness program or ignite interest in starting a new program at your workplace. Modifiable health risk factors lead to many diseases, disorders and increased risk of premature death.

Worksite wellness programs have been shown to:
• Improve health care cost management
• Enhance employee productivity
• Decrease rates of illness and injuries
• Reduced employee absenteeism

Health Promotion Benefits Employees
GEHFM provides fun, innovative, and interactive ways to incorporate wellness in your workplace! Oftentimes employees are ready to change but do not have the resources or information on where to begin. By offering a workplace wellness program such as GEHFM, employers can provide a structured approach to physical activity, nutrition, wellness, and personal and environmental health improvement.

Worksite wellness programs have been shown to:
• Lower levels of stress
• Increase well-being, self-image, and self-esteem
• Improve physical fitness
• Reduce weight
• Raise health awareness

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